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ARUP confirms underground feasible at Working Group Meeting

STOP Spokesperson Neiland Brissenden attended a Metrolinx working group

meeting on November 8, 2022 at the Learning Enrichment Foundation on Industry

Street. Invitees also included representatives from the Mount Dennis

Eco-Neighbourhood Initiative, the Mount Dennis Community Association, the

ENAGB Indigenous Youth Agency, York Humber High School, York South Weston

Tenants Union, Little Jamaica, the Eco Neighbourhood Champion, Councillor

Nunziata’s office, Michael Ford’s office, as well as observers from the City of Toronto,

Metrolinx and ARUP.

At the meeting, when challenged, ARUP designers confirmed that it was

completely feasible to bury the ECWE under the Eglinton Flats and the Humber

River. This was previously stated by a Lead Engineer from ARUP at the

Metrolinx ECWE open house this past July. Another meeting where Metrolinx

faced much opposition to the 1.5km elevated LRT rail line and criticism about

lack of community consultation.


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