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City Council unanimously supports Nunziata's motion asking Metrolinx to run the trains underground

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Councillor Nunziata wrote to STOP: "In response to the community feedback regarding the ECWE overhead rail, I submitted a Member's Motion titled "Running the Elevated Segment of Eglinton Crosstown West Extension Underground" to City Council today which was approved. The current elevated segment will significantly impact the local environment, including parklands and trees along Eglinton Avenue West. The loss of parklands, including the treasured Eglinton Flats and forests, outlined by Metrolinx at recent community consultation sessions, is a significant concern to residents and visitors from across the City. Therefore I strongly believe that the Province's and City's investment in transit projects in improving and expanding Toronto's transit network to respond to growth across the City should not come at the cost of losing valuable, irreplaceable parkland and trees. I have heard very clearly from many residents on this matter. I fully support the approach to building this much-needed expansion underground to save and protect our parks and trees while working with the respected partners, residents, and stakeholders to make this happen.

The motion recommends City Council, through the Executive Director of Transit Expansion, requests that Metrolinx undertake an assessment to run the elevated segment of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension underground and identify any options that may exist to accommodate change."

View the full motion:


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