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Help us honour 1,500 trees on Oct. 25

We continue our advocacy to save our parks and hold Metrolinx and the Ford Government to account

Our Indigenous-led coalition made the decision to move the Sacred Fire and tipi off of the land that Metrolinx expropriated.

Metrolinx threatened our coalition members with legal action, which we believe could have included coming after us for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and pressing criminal charges. We had to make sure the Fire Keepers and all of our coalition members were safe.

Metrolinx has already started to put up fencing around Fergy Brown Park in preparation to start clear cutting 1,500 trees and destroying our parks.

We will hold Metrolinx and the Ford Government to account. We’re working hard to ensure that everyone in York South-Weston understands what’s happening in our parks and we will continue to do whatever we can to reverse any damage. Our community deserves world class transit and our greenspace!

How can you support:

  • Join us in honouring the 1,500 trees on Wednesday, October 25 in Pearen Park (30 Pearen St.):

    • 2:30 pm - Lay tobacco for the trees

    • ​6:30 pm - Candlelight ceremony

    • Email our MPP Michael Ford at and Premier Doug Ford at and demand they finally step up and take action to protect our parks. Michael Ford campaigned on this issue in the last provincial election saying he would be the best option to advocate for our community—he has since refused to meet with the community or even attend any community events.

Thank you for your support!

Our Indigenous-led coalition:

American Indian Movement

ENAGB Indigenous Youth Agency

Edge of the Bush

Turtle Island Carers of Fire

Stop the Trains in Our Parks (STOP)

Mount Dennis Community Association

Mount Dennis eco-Neighbourhood Initiative

Greenbelt Guardians

Sierra Club Canada


Metrolinx and the Ford Government presented their illogical and short-sighted plan to run a 1.5 km section of the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension (ECWE) as elevated tracks and stations through our parks as a done deal without any input from the local Indigenous community and residents. Metrolinx and the Ford Government could run this section (from near Pearen Park to Scarlett Road) underground like the rest of the line or along the road, which could save them time and money. Metrolinx and the Ford Government have ignored the community’s countless requests to consult on how to build the line.

Metrolinx plans to make Pearen Park a construction staging zone for years. The projected opening of the ECWE LRT line is 2031. To our knowledge the contracts haven’t been awarded for the construction of this section of the ECWE, which is the western extension of the disastrously delayed and over budget Eglinton Crosstown.

Our Indigenous-led coalition is trying to save our trees and parks, including Fergy Brown Park, Eglinton Flats and the Humber River area, for everyone in our community. The 1,500 trees Metrolinx plans to clear cut are a flood and erosion protector, sound barrier, cool the parks in hot weather, a wildlife corridor to the Humber river system and home to Threatened and Endangered species. These parks are used for ceremony, education, recreation, and contribute to the mental well-being of the residents within our community. With over 5,000 new residential units planned to be built in our community over the next 10 years we'll need our parks more than ever.

We know we have broad support in York South-Weston because we’ve connected with thousands of people who have been shocked and upset by the plan. Our Indigenous-led coalition includes local Indigenous, advocacy, residents association and environmental groups, and recently added the Greenbelt Guardians and the Sierra Club Canada.

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