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Join us March 7 at Queen's Park!

Most of us value green spaces, public transit, and want our children to grow up in a society that treats them fairly regardless of skin colour, postal code, or class. But Metrolinx and the Provincial government have side stepped Mount Dennis’s call for world class transit AND saving its urban forests and parks, all while providing preferential treatment to affluent neighbourhoods.

NDP MPPs Joel Harden and Jill Andrew support our grassroots coalition to save Eglinton Flats from destruction by Metrolinx. They have invited the Mount Dennis Community and allies to Queen’s Park on Thursday March 7, 8:30 a.m., to share impact statements from our community, hold a press conference, and ask questions on our behalf during a Q&A period.

We all deserve world class transit and our green spaces, and we fight for a government that truly honours public consultation when building transit and housing. Sit with us in solidarity in the Gallery at Queen’s Park to stand up for the environment and equitable transit for all. Together, we can demand and win a government that respects the communities it says it works for. 

In solidarity with the Mount Dennis Community and all the marginalized communities of Toronto! 


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