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STOP meets with MP Hussen

On October 11, 2022, our MP, Minister Ahmed Hussen, met over Zoom with

members from STOP, the Mount Dennis Community Association, the Mount Dennis

eco-Neighbourhood Initiative, the Black Creek Alliance and neighbourhood climate

action champions. STOP made a presentation outlining our concerns about the

impact of an elevated LRT rail line on our parkland as well as Metrolinx’s lack of

transparency and meaningful community engagement. Minister Hussen was

sympathetic to our concerns and committed to contacting Metrolinx, MPP Michael

Ford, and Councillor Frances Nunziata as well as researching the federal

government’s role with respect to this matter.

Since this positive meeting, we have reached out to Minister Hussen’s office but

have yet to receive a follow up appointment. We look forward to hearing how our

MP plans to act on behalf of York South-Weston constituents to protect our urban

green spaces.


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