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STOP meets with MPP Ford's staff

On July 22, 2022, STOP representatives met with staff members from Michael Ford’s

constituency office and walked through the parks in order to familiarize them with the

area that will be impacted by the proposed construction. We showed them where the

construction staging area was going to be located as well as the portal. We pointed

out the benefits of the urban forest in Eglinton Flats, including the cooling effect and

sound barrier provided by the mature trees.

Michael Ford was supposed to meet with our team as well but cancelled at the last

minute. We were promised another meeting with him at a later date. In spite of

repeated emails and calls to Minister Ford’s office over the last few months, this

meeting never materialized. Where is the Michael Ford who promised us during the

election campaign, “If elected as your representative at Queen’s Park, as part of a

Doug Ford government, I will be in the best position to bring your concerns forward

to Metrolinx and will work with you directly on this issue”?


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